Enrollment Up for Black in Business Schools

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International students have contributed to boosts in enrollment in some schools.

Several business schools  are seeing a increase the number of graduate students who enroll to study but those students aren’t necessarily African American.

Experts say, the recruiting and retaining students varies from this school to another school, but for some schools, a focus on international applicants and global business practices is a draw for them.

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According to  AACSB International, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, enrollment at the graduate level has grown by nearly 37 percent at these business schools over the last five years. AACSB also says there are 23 historically black schools with AACSB accreditation, and the number and types of programs still remained fairly stable during this period.

Joseph I. Wells, director of the school’s master’s programs say about 130 students are enrolled in the MBA program at the historically black Morgan State University Graves School of Business and Management, which offers an evening program,.

Last autumn, there were from 25 to 30 matriculants, but there will be between 40 and 50 for fall 2016. “We have a nice pipeline of Saudi students,”

Wells says, Saudi Arabia was the third common country of residence for students from the entire university, with only 46 students from the Middle Eastern country in 2013, . By fall 2015, Saudi Arabia was the most common country of residence, with 355 students. Many applicants also come from other countries such as Ghana, Nigeria and Nepal.

Harvey says, the school has about 120 students in its full-time MBA program, it started offering the Global Trilateral MBA Certificate Program in 2015. And 10 students each year are admitted to the program, which has partner schools in Beijing and Johannesburg. Howard MBA candidates travel abroad for conferences organized by the program as well as host program participants from overseas visiting the District of Columbia. Overall, students get exposure to business practices, norms and cultures in different countries, Harvey says.

At other schools, keeping low tuition has attracted students. Kenneth Russ, director of business graduate programs at the Jackson State University business school in Mississippi says “Our tuition is the lowest in the market,”. It charges about $12,000 for the evening MBA, he says.

Russ says that students can get the master’s degree by an evening or online program. Enrollment steadily climbed for the evening program, it had 24 students in 2010, and 2014, there were 56 students. Some of the students are from the Jackson region or previously attended Jackson State.

Cortez Gooch, 33 years old, just has got his undergraduate degree from the school made him more inclined to return for an MBA. He graduated with the master’s degree in 2015 and his teachers, such as Russ, helped to enrich the classes.

“He was able to bring experiences into the classroom,” Gooch, who now works in Houston in logistics says.

Many experts on historically black colleges and universities say the schools often have a nurturing environment and foster close relationships between professors and students.

Harvey, from Howard University, says that level of compassion doesn’t necessarily stop at the undergraduate level. Business students at his school can expect a warm environment where students are embraced.

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